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The DT3034 is a high performance, high resolution DAQ board for the PCI bus that offers 16-bit measurements on up to 32 single-ended or 16 differential channels with a sampling rate of 500kHz. With an ENOB (Effective Number of Bits) rating of over 14.2 bits, this is the most accurate PCI board available. And the SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) of 100dB provides the ultimate in clean signal measurements. The DT3034 can operate multiple subsystems simultaneously at full speed without the loss of any data.

Key Features:

  • 500kHz throughput on 32 SE/16 DI, 16-bit analog input channels.
  • Two, 500kHz, 16-bit deglitched waveform analog output channels to generate signals to stimulate systems under test
  • 16 clocked digital I/O driving solid state relays
  • Flexible triggering and clocking modes accommodate all application needs
  • Four 16-bit counter/timers for event counting or frequency measurement
  • 1024-location channel-gain list for flexible scanning at a variety of gains
  • Software and drivers compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7

For new applications, consider the DT9818 or DT9834 Series USB modules.  Cross series compatibility, using DT-Open Layers software, saves programming time and protects your investment. Little to no programming is required...just load and configure the new driver.


The DT3034 is a high-performance, high-resolution data acquisition board.

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Item Description Price* Purchase
DT3034 Data Acquisition Board $ 1440
DT3010 CABLE SET DT3010 Cable Set; EP307 and EP308 $ 490
DT740 Screw terminal panel for DT3010/32, DT3016, and DT3034 $ 405
EP307 50-pin one meter shielded cable for analog signals for DT3010/32, DT3016, and DT3034 $ 275
EP307-3 3 meter 50-pin shielded cable for analog signals $ 285
EP308 68-pin one meter shielded cable for digital signals for DT3010/32, DT3016, and DT3034 $ 200
EP308-3 3 meter 68-pin shielded cable for digital signals $ 265

*Prices valid for U.S. and Canada only. For international pricing, click here.

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QuickDAQ 2013 QuickDAQ (Free)
QuickDAQ allows you to acquire and display from all Data Translation USB and Ethernet devices that support analog input streaming. Combine QuickDAQ with Data Translation hardware to acquire data, record data to disk, display the results in both a plot and digital display, and read a recorded data file. Be productive right out of the box with this powerful data logging software. Data can be exported to other applications like Microsoft Excel® and MATLAB® for more advanced analysis. Two additional options can be purchased to add FFT analysis capabilities to the base package and should be used with the Sound & Vibration series of modules to harness their full capability.
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DAQ Adaptor for MATLAB DAQ Adaptor for MATLAB
Access the powerful visualization and analysis capabilities of MATLAB® with any Data Translation PCI or USB board or module. Data Translation's DAQ Adapter provides and interface between the MATLAB Data Acquisition (DAQ) subsystem from The MathWorks and Data Translation's DT-Open Layers architecture.
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LV-Link LV-Link
Lets you use Data Translation's USB and PCI data acquisition boards with National Instruments' LabVIEW®
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DAQ Omni CD Data Acquisition Omni Software
Collection of software, drivers, and utilities for Data Translation USB data acquisition modules and PCI data acquisition boards. Includes DT-Open Layers for .NET Class Library, DT-Display control, DT-Open Layers SDK and DTx-EZ. Evaluation versions of ready-to-run applications are included.
DT-Open Layers for .NET DT-Open Layers® for .NET
DT-Open Layers for .NET is a simple to use, yet powerful native .NET class library for developing test and measurement applications in Microsoft Visual Studio®.
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